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     About the Orfalea Center
The Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies, inaugurated in the 2005-06 academic year, has been established to provide an intellectual and programmatic focus for the University’s activities in global, international, and area studies.

The Center provides financial support and arrangement facilities to sponsor public programs, seminars, publications, and research planning for units across the campus. The Center receives its name in appreciation of the gift provided by Paul Orfalea and the Orfalea Family Foundation.  According to Mark Juergensmeyer, the Center's director, this kind of programmatic effort is long overdue. “The Center will tap into a great diversity of creative energy on campus,” Juergensmeyer said, adding that “it will help to stimulate discussion and research into a wide range of intellectual issues related to contemporary world affairs.”

The Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies, like the University’s Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, does not administer academic programs or conduct research on its own. Instead, it plays a supportive role in animating the intellectual life on campus with regard to global and international issues. It works closely with instructional and research units, including the new graduate M.A. program in global and international studies, which shares with the Orfalea Center the funding provided by the the Orfalea Family Foundation for the promotion of global and international studies at UCSB. It also extends support to other groups and individuals throughout the campus, subject to the availability of funds.

The Orfalea Center is administratively located in the division of social sciences in the College of Letters and Sciences. Its staff includes a director, program coordinator, office manager, and publications coordinator. The Center’s Executive Committee includes representatives from departments in the social sciences and the humanities. An advisory committee for the Orfalea Center will include representatives of all units on campus that want to be involved in the Center’s mission and activities.


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